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Farewell for/from Leutasch
Due to personal, professional and economic reasons, I will now completely tear down my tents in Leutasch/Tyrol on 31 July 2020 and live and work in Switzerland from 1 August 2020.
I will therefore completely close the practice in Leutasch on 25.07.2020.
Until 24.07. I will work in the practice in Leutasch from Tuesday to Thursday, the remaining days I will work in Switzerland anyway.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my long-standing clients, friends and acquaintances for their confidence in me and for the wonderful and successful experiences we were having together!
Stay healthy - and perhaps I will see some of you again in my practice in Switzerland or at one of my video workshops!

 Due to the corona virus crisis and the associated official restrictions, courses/seminars/workshops cannot/can no longer be held since March 2020.

Therefore I have decided to pass on my knowledge to you in the form of webinars until further notice.This gives you the advantage of acquiring this knowledge in the form of my webinars and thus acquiring it independently of time and place... 

The webinars offered, are not therapeutic events, but serve to deepen your self-awareness and for are for your information.

Written registration is required. If you are interested, please download the corresponding, detailed webinar flyer with registration form as a pdf file. 

The following interesting topics are already available at the moment, further topics will be added step by step:

Energetic protection and cleaning: no participation requirements.

Discover/develop the healer in you: Successful participation in webinars Energetic Protection and Cleansing, Life Energy, PGSG, Radiesthesia.

Memory training: no participation requirements.

Life Energy: Successful participation in Energetic Protection webinars.

Better vision without glasses: no participation requirements.

Pan Gu Shen Gong (PGSG): no participation requirements.

PSI Phenomena: Successful participation in webinars Energetic Protection and Cleansing, Life Energy, PGSG.

Radiesthesia: Successful participation in webinars Energetic Protection and Cleansing.

Regression: Successful participation in webinars on Energetic Protection and Cleansing.

Self-Security Training: no participation requirements.

Realizing dreams, wishes and goals: Successful Participation in Energetic Protection and Cleansing Webinars.

Ion Detox Footbath: no participation requirements.

NLS-Training: no participation requirements. 

All measures listed in the webinars serve to restore and harmonize the body's own energy fields and therefore do not represent a healing treatment. The mode of action and the success of the energetic methods is not scientifically proven or disproved for certain methods. The energetic methods are not working methods in the sense of empirical scientific knowledge. The success of the energetic treatments is therefore not predictable or measurable. You will only receive assistance with the help of energetic working methods, which are not conventional medical treatments. No success whatsoever is promised, especially no healing or alleviating success. Accordingly, energetic consultation and measures are no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, nor for psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. All statements and advice are not diagnoses, but are purely descriptions of energetic conditions. For diagnosis and therapy please contact your doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. 

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Attention: To open and read the flyers with the registration form (pdf) you need the software Acrobat Reader!